Dryland Wilds

Distilled perfumes, mists, and skin care captured from high desert botanicals •

There are certain times when the air in the desert is perfume itself.  At Dryland Wilds we use old-school perfumery techniques to capture these unique fragrances from the resins, roots, leaves and flowers of common + invasive high desert plants.
Our wildcrafted desert perfumes + skin care products soothe skin and spirit and transport you to the wild spaces they come from.


Floriography Flowers

Luxurious flowers, blooms, and botanicals foraged from local farms •

Floriography Flowers creates luxe, garden-inspired wedding and event flowers, prioritizing blooms grown sustainably and ethically from their own farm and of those that they admire. Utilizing native plants, desert botanicals, and heirloom blooms Floriography adds texture, variety, and unexpected elements, like fruits and vegetables, to create and leave a lasting impression that delights!

Hi-Phy Records

Artfully curated and edited records from the popular to the truly discoverable •

Records are profound, intimate, empowering. On the shelf, they demand space, on the platter, they demand attention. Some people spend their lives record collecting and searching and we love rescuing those collections: separating, cleaning, and sending them into the world again. Vinyl has a kind of emotional currency that’s hard to find elsewhere, except maybe in books. We’ve loved records most of our lives, but of course, we’ve loved music all of our lives.

Meet Jenny and Joe of Hi-Phy Records.

Jenny simply can’t remember a time without music. Every day is a mash of listening, sentimentality, and ritual. Driving to work: music. Working: music. Taxiing kids: music. Loafing after work: music. Brushing teeth, reviewing tomorrow, crawling into bed: music.

For Joe, it started with Marty Robbins’ Greatest Hits (Vol. 4), at his grandparents’ house. The disc went on, and music came out. It was simple and he was hooked.


Luna Y Luz

A curated and imagined space of apparel, books, toys, and accessories for little ones •

Curated by Tess Coats, along with Baby Blast Off and Very Small Shoes, Luna Y Luz is the first children’s shop of it’s kind in Albuquerque and was fashioned out of the idea that shopping should be an experience for children, too. Owner and operator of Spur Line Supply Co. and mommy of two, Tess brings together the best in children’s apparel, toys, books, accessories for an imagined, explorable space for children while staying true to the minimal, high desert aesthetic of the shop.

Power and Light Press

Witty, unexpected, and playfully illustrated stationery and greeting cards •

Power and Light Press is a ship-shape print shop built to handle all of life’s messy emotions. Ever since we flipped the switch on in 2009, our cards have been designed, printed, and packaged in-house, meaning each and every piece has come straight from our own blood, sweat, and tears. Metaphorically speaking. For the most part. Our company is fueled by a fleet of all-female letterpress printers with clean hands and filthy mouths - a bunch of real class acts who like making real-ass things. Because at Power and Light Press, we aren’t afraid to get a little dirty now and then.



Bohemian and feminine apparel and home goods for the wanderer who immerses herself in nature, embraces the open road, and nurtures her creative energy •

Wanderer is a New Mexican boutique for the wandering woman, featuring boho apparel, unique home goods and gifts, all natural body care products, and handmade accessories. #wanderwithus