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Where are you located?

We are located in Albuquerque’s Sawmill District, just east of Hotel Chaco. Our shop and shipping address is 800 20th Street NW, Suite A. Albuquerque, NM 87104


I saw something I just had to have on one of your social media posts, how can I purchase it from you?

Of course! Feel free to send us an email at and indicate the product and post- If we have it available, we’re happy to ship it you you!


Can I use photos from Spur Line Supply Co’s site or social media platforms to feature product from the shop on my website or blog?

We’re totally flattered to have our products featured on your website or blog! We just ask you play by these friendly rules:

  1. Please give proper credit to Spur Line Supply Co. for any photos you use by linking back to the web page where the photos were captured.

  2. Should Spur Line Supply Co. give any indication of a photography credit in the form of a caption, mention (@), or hashtag (#) appropriately follow suit when using photos on your website or blog.


Can I Link to Spur Line Supply Co’s Website?

This is the kind of traffic we don’t mind having to be in! Just follow these traffic rules (Warning! Legal talk ahead!). . .

  1. Link to our website in a fashion that equitable, honest, and does not in any way harm or take advantage of Spur Line Supply Co.

  2. By linking to our website you agree to not initiate a link that suggests a relationship, association, or endorsement on part of Spur Line Supply Co. where none may exist.

  3. Spur Line Supply Co. reserve the right to to abolish linking permission to anyone found to be in violation of these linking terms or otherwise without notice.


Do you ever work with advertisers, sponsors or press for your blog, events, social media and brand?

We’re always interested in hearing about a collaboration or partnership opportunity with other compatible individuals, companies, and brands. Please email and tell us what you have in mind, we’re all ears!


How can I become a stockist at Spur Line Supply Co?

Thank you for thinking of Spur Line Supply Co. to stock your treasures! If you would like to be considered for a stockist opportunity, please email line sheets, samples, photos, product knowledge, brand history, and anything else you think we should see to Please do know that we see all stockist inquiries and will get back to those we feel will be most harmonious with Spur Line Supply Co. and our goods.